The Real Devil

a Biblical exploration

The Real Devil...

The Real Devil likely not who or what you think it is. The Real Devil [ISBN 978-1-906951-01-6] combines detailed Bible study with piercing personal and devotional challenge, ever seeking to bring out the crucial relationship between doctrine and practice, demonstrating that the ultimate power of true theology is in the radical transformation of human life in practice.

A Radical Challenge

The Real Devil analyzes Bible teaching about the devil, satan and demons, concluding that 'satan' ['adversary'] and 'devil' ['false accuser'] do not refer to a personal satan, dragon, or spirit being; but rather to any opposing force, and often to the power of sin and evil. Satan doesn't exist as a personal being- but rather the human heart, we ourselves, are the ultimate source of sin.

Colossal Implications

This means that Angels don't sin; that the death of Jesus overcame the power of sin within us; that there is nobody else to blame for sin apart from ourselves. The problem of the origin of evil is massive; so huge that many have taken a 10 cent answer to the million dollar question, blaming it on a legendary, fictional being. But the Bible is silent as to the existence of such a being. If God is alone as the source of all power and creation- whence, then, the evil that fills our lives and world? How are we to understand, cope with and overcome sin and evil? No serious searcher for truth, no Bible student of integrity, will fail to be stimulated by this study- even if they initially struggle with some of the conclusions. Either read through, or have a look at the contents and dip in to what interests you- and remember, these studies are also available as MP3 audio files.

Foreword || Introduction || Chapter 1 A History Of The Devil And Satan || Chapter 2 Some Basic Bible Teaching || Chapter 3 Some Practical Implications || Chapter 4 Demons || Chapter 5 An Examination Of Specific Bible Passages || Chapter 6 Some Conclusions || Appendix: Transcript Of A Public Debate About The Existence Of Satan

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The Real Devil


Foreword (Ted Russell)


Chapter 1 The History Of An Idea

1-1 A History Of The Devil And Satan In Old Testament Times

1-1-1 Israel In Exile: The Babylonian / Persian Influence

1-1-2 Greek Influence

1-2 The Devil After The New Testament

1-2-1 Satan In The Thought Of Justin Martyr

1-2-2 Satan In The Thought Of Irenaeus And Tertullian

1-2-3 Satan In The Thought Of Clement And Origen

1-2-4 Satan In The Thought Of Lactantius And Athanasius

1-2-5 Satan In The Thought Of Augustine

1-3 Satan In The Middle Ages

1-4 Satan From The Reformation Onwards

1-4-1 Satan In Paradise Lost

1-5 The Protesters

1-6 The Devil And Satan In Recent Thought

Chapter 2 Some Basic Bible Teaching

2-1 Angels

Digression 1 Jude And The Book Of Enoch

2-2 The Origin Of Sin And Evil

Digression 2 Romans And The Wisdom Of Solomon

Digression 3 The Intention And Context Of Genesis 1-3

2-3 Satan And The Devil

2-4 The Jewish Satan

2-5 Hell

Digression 4 Christ And The "Spirits in prison"

Chapter 3 Some Practical Implications

3-1 Some Practical Implications

3-1-1 "To be spiritually minded"

3-2 The Hard Questions

Chapter 4 Demons

4-1 The Devil, Satan And Demons

4-2 Demons And Idols

4-2-1 Canaanite Theology Smashed

4-2-2 Case Study: Resheph

4-2-3 Case Study: The Gods Of Egypt

4-3 Demons And Sickness

4-3-1 Legion And The Gadarene Pigs

4-3-2 Exorcism Of Demons

4-4 The Language Of The Day

4-5 God Adopts A Human Perspective

Digression 5 The Teaching Style Of Jesus

4-6 Why Didn't Jesus Correct People?

4-7 The Psychology Of Belief In Demons

4-8 'Casting out demons': A Curing of Psychosomatic Illness?

Chapter 5 An Examination Of the Specific Bible Passages which mention the devil and satan

5-1 Preface: Misunderstood Bible Passages

5-2 The Serpent In Eden Genesis 3:4-5

5-3 Sons Of God And Daughters Of Men Genesis 6: 2-4

5-4 Job’s Satan Job 1:6

5-4-1 The Satan In Job: A Fellow Worshipper?

5-4-2 Job's Satan: An Angel-Satan?

5-4-3 The Deconstruction Of The Satan Myth In Job

5-5 Lucifer King Of Babylon Isaiah 14: 12-14

5-6 The Anointed Cherub Ezekiel 28: 13-15

5-7 Zechariah 3

5-8 The Temptation Of Jesus Matthew 4: 1-11

5-8-1 Jesus In The Wilderness: A Study In The Language And Nature Of Temptation

5-8-2 The Wilderness Temptations: A Window Into The Mind Of Jesus

5-9 Unclean Spirits Matthew 12: 43-45

5-10 The Devil And His Angels Matthew 25:41

5-11 Satan Takes Away The Word Mark 4:15

5-12 Satan As Lightning Luke 10: 18

5-13a The Woman Bound by Satan Luke  13:11-17

5-13 Satan Entered Judas Luke 22:3

5-14 Peter And Satan Luke 22:31

5-15 Your Father The Devil John 8:44

5-16 Oppressed Of The Devil Acts 10: 38

5-17 Child Of The Devil Acts 13:10 / Sons of Sceva (Acts 19:13-16)

5-18 The Power Of Satan Acts 26: 18

5-19 Delivering Unto Satan 1 Corinthians 5:5 / You shall judge Angels (1 Cor. 6:3) / Advantage to Satan (2 Cor. 2:11)

5-20 The God Of This World 2 Corinthians 4: 4 / "The prince of this world" (Jn. 12:31; 14:30; 16:11)

5-21 An Angel Of Light 2 Corinthians 11:13-15

5-22 The Messenger Of Satan 2 Corinthians 12:7

5-23 The Prince Of The Air Ephesians 2: 1-3

5-24 Giving Place To The Devil Ephesians 4:26-27

5-25 The Wiles Of The Devil Ephesians 6:11-13

5-26 The Snare Of The Devil 1 Timothy 3: 6 -7; 2 Timothy 2:26

5-27 Turned Aside After Satan 1 Timothy 5:14-15

5-28 Resist The Devil James 4: 7; 1 Peter 5:8

5-29 Chains Of Darkness 2 Peter 2: 4; Jude 6

5-30 The Body Of Moses Jude 9

5-30-1 "The wicked one" in 1 Jn. 5:18,19

5-31 The Synagogue Of Satan Revelation 2: 9-10, 13 & 24

5-32 Michael And The Great Dragon Revelation 12: 7-9

5-33 The Devil And Satan Bound Revelation 20: 2, 7 & 10

Digression 6: "The man of sin"

Chapter 6 Some Conclusions

6-1 Some Conclusions

Digression 7: Suffering (Bev Russell)

Index of Bible verses quoted [compiled by Mark Merkowsky]

Appendix: Transcript Of A Public Debate About The Existence Of Satan

The Devil And Satan: What Does The Bible Say?

Debate speakers:

For the Supernatural Devil position: Mr. Mark Mattison
Against the Supernatural Devil position: Mr. Duncan Heaster

Introduction And Mr. Mattison's First Address

a1-1 Benjamin Wilson And The Diaglott

a1-2 Ha satan

a1-3 Satan In The Gospels

Mr. Heaster's First Address

a1-4 The Origin Of Evil

a1-5 Angels As Ministering Spirits

a1-6 The Origin Of Sin

Mr. Mattison's Reply

a1-8 Does Satan Do God's Will?

a1-9 The Origin Of The Devil

a1-10 Fallen Angels

a1-11 External Temptation

Mr. Heaster's Reply

a1-12 Satan And God's Will

a1-13 Ho diabolos

a1-14 The Devil And Cain

a1-15 Where Sin Comes From

a1-16 The Temptations Of Jesus

Questions From The Floor To Mr. Mattison

a1-17 Why Doesn't Satan Give Up

a1-18 Personification In Historical Narratives

a1-19 Can Immortal Angels Sin?

a1-20 Does The Devil Induce Sin

a1-21 Teaching Not To Blaspheme

a1-22 The Devil And Sin

Questions From The Floor To Mr. Heaster

a1-23 Children Of Disobedience

a1-24 The Dragon And The Lake Of Fire

a1-25 Good And Bad Angels

a1-26 Angelos And Daimonos

a1-27 Man As A Sinful Creature

Mr. Mattison's Final Speech

a1-28 Salvation Issues

Mr. Heaster’s Final Speech

a1-29 The Need For Proper Understanding